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Stol Yetti j-03 120HP

600 000 CZK

For sale serial produced Yetti J-03 STOL 120HP A steel truss airplane with duralumin spars and ribs in the wing coated with aeronautical Ceconite I prepared for navigation competitions and a short takeoff and landing for my son. Unfortunately he has other interests. The engine is a 1,2 TSI 120HP with 210Nm in the range 2000-4200RPm. The most powerful four cylinder, water cooled, direct fuel injection turbocharged engine you can have. It has low consumption because I didn't use all 140HP, but only 120, thanks to the 1:2 reduction ratio of the reducer. Flat belt polychain Gates- the best and most powerful on the market. Maximum speed 4200RPM, economical 2800RPM with consumption about 10l, cruising 120km/h then 3500RPM. Three bladed carbon propeller with forged leading edges with a diameter of 2000mm is the only one to transmit a huge torque of 210Nm. (Rotax 915is has only 150Nm) Bush wheel wheels of large diameter - the plane will land anywhere , hydraulic disc brakes, precise dosing of braking action. The plane turns on the spot around one or the other wheel. Inner skis for winter operation. The aircraft can fly simultaneously with wheels and skis and grass, asphalt and snow, because the skis are on the inner shafts of the landing gear legs and about 50mm above the level of the wheel. The wheel has a distinctive directional design allowing a short take-off from 27-25 metres from tarmac. The new chassis legs are steel spring steel from a Tecnam P 2002 Sierra, or Echo at 600kg. The cabin is all glass with side views at the feet as well. The dashboard is minimized, for sticking photos for competitions and also for maximum outward visibility. Engine instruments: tachometer, water temperature, charge air temperature, charge air pressure,voltage and other selected readings are via OBD on the mobile. GPS "fly is fun" on tablet. Flight instrumentation : altimeter, air vapor meter, cross slope meter, fuel gauge. RDST Yaesu 8,33kHz, Intercom. Rescue parachute system. The only plane that can safely carry two big guys, both in altitude and weight, and land and take off anywhere. Performance: the aircraft has STOL characteristics thanks to turbulators on the entire wingspan and flaperons ( ailerons and flaps at the same time), which greatly increase maneuverability and resistance to crosswinds. The aircraft is able to land at 80m and take off from 27-35m depending on surface winds and weight. 36l tank. Consumption 12-15l per hour. The aircraft is extremely predictable and untricky. If you force it to crash it falls on its nose and then picks the crash itself. The plane is for the one who knows and can appreciate performance, for the one who has a small and difficult area. Where a $2-3 million Superstol will land and take off, this Bigfoot will take off and land too. More pics and videos at there are plenty of videos under languages and also down the bar on instagram, or I'll send an email via a download service. I will retrain the new owner on the spur and teach the basics of bush piloting. Viewing and flying possible in Zbilidy, must pay for demonstration flight. Aircraft will be for sale and use in September/October. Please call in the evening after dark. Price negotiable 600k. Please do not write or call!

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