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DREAMTRAINER FZ advanced and fast 600kg ultralight with STOL features

64 000 EUR

DREAMTRAINER FZ - ultralight TABLE 600kg. A very powerful aircraft with STOL characteristics and at the same time with a cruising speed of 220km/h. For sale. The aircraft is built from ROKOAERO kit based on NG-6 VIA, 600kg, with extended wings. The original concept of the aircraft is the same or similar to that of the Bristell and has been modified and significantly improved in terms of handling at low landing speeds. The entire aircraft was initially calculated, designed and built to allow the suspension of a heavier and much more powerful engine with a large diameter, in-flight adjustable propeller of at least 15kg. CG is at optimum! The aircraft is untricky, has a slightly higher reaction torque. Gyroscopic moment is similar to that of conventional smaller propellers. The power output of the direct injection turbocharged inline four cylinder engine designated 1.2 TSI engine code CBZB is 120HP to 140HP and 220Nm after modification. Engine power depends on the propeller and speed. With a small propeller, the engine will rev higher and deliver more power. I have modified the aircraft for myself to have balanced performance and operate it at 120HP ( according to CZ standards for 600kg ultralight) with a large in-flight adjustable propeller "ZEJDA 1" The aircraft is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable in-flight three-bladed propeller with a diameter of 2080mm and a weight of 10.5kg. This makes full use of the torque of the engine from low speed and furthermore allows, together with the 1.2 TSI engine: 1. High acceleration at zero and low speeds and STOL take-off. 2. High sustained cruising speed of 220km/h at FL 40 3. High manoeuvrability as the tail control surfaces are in an accelerated airflow with a diameter of 2m and therefore fully blown have a higher authority from the propeller disk with a surface area of 3.39m which is about 1m2 more than a conventional propeller with a diameter of 1720mm. The aircraft has manually deployable flaps up to a position of about 50degrees for more efficient landing work. 4. Economical flight at cruising speeds of 140-160km/h with very low fuel consumption and low engine speed. 5. STOL landing - can be braked by setting the propeller to a very low angle and the engine idle speed is 800RPM. For better manoeuvrability at low landing speeds, the aircraft is equipped with an enlarged rudder with corner relief and manually operated flaps with a significantly higher yaw rate of up to 50degrees. Tanks are in the wings 2x 60l for a total of 120l of fuel. Range approx. 1500-1680Km depending on required cruise speed 220-160km/h. The aircraft has a very large comfortable and retractable cabin. It can be flown with fully open cabin as in a convertible up to a speed of about 140km/h. This aircraft is suitable for large and long pilots. In the hands of experienced and carefully retrained pilots, it is ideal for flying into mountains and landing and taking off from short areas. The empty weight of the aircraft is an amazing 360kg! It can legally carry two 100kg guys and 54 litres of fuel and with that it will fly 864km in no wind. Maximum speed is 290km/h. Takeoff length for the average pilot over a 15m obstacle is 183m and landing length is 195m. This value was found for a three-bladed ground adjustable propeller of 2000mm diameter. After my training you will be able to take off and land at 150m with an in-flight adjustable propeller. The aircraft has positioning diode lights with beacons on the rudder is another diode beacon. The aircraft is unfinished and ready to be sprayed to the new owner's requirements. The aircraft has only the basic intercom instrumentation and a radio with 8.33 range again to allow the new owner to personalize the aircraft to their liking. The interior of the aircraft is spatanic- minimized for best possible flight performance and range and to keep the aircraft light. The new owner will receive with the airplane a book on how I built an aircraft engine by converting from an automotive one, including an electrical wiring diagram of the engine, a description of the manufacture of the reducer, production drawings of all reducer parts, and instructions for maintenance and operation of the engine and airplane. The owner will thus be able to reproduce anything based on the book - for his purposes only, or to repair himself. I am not sending the book or the flight manual! It is available for inspection at my place. The aircraft has never been crashed and has not been flown in a flight school. I use it as a practical demonstrator of engine development and the various power ratings and various propellers associated with them. The aircraft is practically new. Flew by test pilot about 150h. The aircraft will be for sale within the next 3 months. I still need to laminate the lower cowling to make it aesthetic and aerodynamic and incorporate a landing light. Really serious interested parties can contact me at or tel 00420603107704 only in the evening after dark, I do not respond to SMS! Flight demonstrations only on payment of costs. Owner retraining on the aircraft included. Price for the aircraft in the described configuration is 64 000 EUR.

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Rokoaero a soukromý stavitel
NG 6 VIA 600kg ultralight
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up to 600 kg
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Propeller HOBBS:
1.2 TSI
Fuel tank capacity:
Consumption (LPH):
in flight adjustable
Cruise speed:
Never exceed speed (Vne):
Landing gear:
COM radio:
Transponder (XPDR):
Rescue system:
the basics
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Other equipment:
aircraft flight log book, engine log book, strobo, beacon, fuel valve, backup fuel pump, hydraulic brakes, electric trom
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