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Zenair 601UL

250 000 CZK

Due to long term lack of time, I would like to sell a split "overhaul" Zodiac in UL version with flaps. The flaps are currently cut out of service - however, there is nothing to prevent re-commissioning should a new owner want an SLZ with flaps. The fuel system has already been replaced and all that is left is to fit the engine, run new electrics, retrofit the radio/repeater (VHF antenna included) and upholster the interior. The interior is complete with a center tunnel for the radio, transponder, circuit breakers and switches as a 3D printer printout in durable ASA plastic. Included is a complete SUBARU EA81 engine including reducer, I will also add a ROTAX engine bed. Also included are the following instruments: new Kanardia Combo speedometer/altimeter, analog variometer, fuel pressure gauge, fuel flow meter, and all engine instruments including intake vacuum. The price is negotiable, depending on what the new owner would buy/need (can be done without the SUBARU engine for example). A brand new KRT2/KTX2 rectangular radio and transponder can also be supplied at a bargain price, as well as a new aeroelastic propeller

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