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Tecnam P96 Golf

35 000 EUR

Buy Tecnam P96 Golf 100hp. Three bladed, in-flight adjustable, fully automatic SR 3000 propeller, Mode S transponder, 8.33 kHz radio, Garmin AERA 550 navigation, Silent Hectic oil thermostat. Excellent flight characteristics and handling, huge luggage compartment. 1500 hours (hoobs). The aircraft will be sold after a complete service, with new fuel lines, new carburetor flanges, synchronization, new filters, oil and after a complete aircraft inspection, including the airframe. Exterior of the aircraft - definitely shows its age and a new paint job would suit the aircraft. I will pass on a service contact to check the condition of the engine and aircraft. Registered in Slovakia "OM" 560kg take off weight. Can be operated on Slovakian plates without any problem. Hangarized at LKHR Hradčany near Mimona.

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