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Heating of the hangar, aero club, aviation service free of charge with a blue flame oil burner.

750 CZK

Oil pyrolytic vortex burner 10-30kW with blue flame burning only vapours at high temperature, or how to provide ecological heat for a song. E-book on how to make, operate and maintain an oil based eco burner. The book contains: a "Manufacturing manual" with production sketches and an "Operation and maintenance manual". It includes many topic-specific videos to guide you through proper eco-friendly operation and maintenance. Burner output 10-30kW. Burns any flammable fluids from aviation and automotive service such as motor oil, gear oil, hypoid, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, JET A1 and combinations thereof and plums even water contaminated - emulsions. The burner's special design guaranteeing vortex combustion of only oil vapours excludes unburnable residues in its centre. These are ejected each time the burner is cleaned and the operation is stopped. The combustion temperature is very high, the steel is white-hot and the burner burns with a blue flame when properly adjusted. Zero visible emissions from the chimney. The burner is primarily designed for gas-fired water boilers for central heating and heating of the entire service area, hangar, aero club and offices and locker rooms. The burner can also be easily operated as a hot air burner. The burner can also be used for melting alloys, tempering, forging. The electrical input of the burner is from 60-120W per hour for blower ( 220VAC) can be operated also on 12 VDC. Consumption 1,5-3l of used oil/hr. You can buy E-book license from me for only 750kč. Email. Call only after dark. Thank you

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