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e-book "Pilot Training" for free

Jihlava, Zbilidy, Pelhřimov
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Book "Pilot Training" e-book for free. It is intended for beginner pilots and pilots in the ongoing basic training of ultralight (ULL)¨, but also partially higher (LAPL and PPL) pilot licenses. You will learn what are the pilot training centres, flight schools, aero clubs and how they differ and what you can expect and what may surprise you... We will also describe the different types of instructors with their strengths and weaknesses, and talk about the experience and the will and determination of beginning instructors. You'll read about how to most effectively manage pilot training without fatigue and actually enjoy it and have fun with it! We will tell you what aircraft are suitable for pilot training and why, and which ones are unsuitable and make pilot training unnecessarily expensive and complicated. You will discover the different ways you are charged by different schools for pilot training. This is preparation for you to be able to refuse unnecessarily overpriced pilot training with little added value! We'll take a look under the hood of safety landings and learn that almost every single flight inspector has a slightly different view and requirements for them - this so that we can find the unifying elements required by all and learn how to successfully pass the pilot proficiency test. We'll stop and discuss in more detail in two chapters all the possibilities in emergency landings, of which I've personally had over a dozen, and there were lessons to be learned from each one. We will also mention the phenomenon of pilot freeze-up, which is most common in basic pilot training and continuing bush pilot training, but does not escape transport pilots and military pilots. We will talk about the specifics of the female concept of flying and communication. We'll do a pre-flight tour with a lovely instructor. At the end we can watch examples of pilot training and read about how full-fledged pilot training can be accomplished in an incredible 15 days when many circumstances coincide. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and there are plenty of links to demonstrations and instructional videos on the subject. Link to the book for free download:

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