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Sale of two-seater MZK

130 000 CZK

For sale two-seater motor sled Solewski with wing Eros Stream-16. The trike has had a complete overhaul which included replacement of all fasteners, silentblocks, bearings, fuel lines, new wiring and dashboard, including new seats. There is new paint on the entire trike. Rotax 503 engine is new, decarbonized, measured wear and piston ovality. The engine has not had any grinding. On the sled there is a three-blade, composite, adjustable propeller made by KievProp. The wing has removable "ears" for controlling the wing from the second seat, it is unfolded, during the reconstruction of the hangar (autumn 2021 - spring 2022) it was still unfolded and stored in the hangar. Of course there is complete instrumentation - altimeter, variometer, speedometer, speedometer, compass, engine head temperature sensor, 2x auto-socket and 2x USB socket. The Rogalo is indeed almost like new, registered in the Czech Republic after a fresh technical inspection and I am selling it only because I bought a soldier in November 2021 who was at one time assigned to the AČR. The whole Rogalo is hangarized at the airport in Rokycany. It is possible to test it in flight. I will send detailed photos to those interested. If you have any questions, please contact me. More photos:

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