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Motor sledge Apollo

8 700 EUR

Buy a motorized hang glider. Vintage 2009, Apollo Jet Star chassis, hydraulically braked all wheels ( disc brakes), landing light, auxiliary electric fuel pump, hand and foot throttle, Apollo AXP 15m² wing (150 hours), Rotax 912 engine, 80k (1600 hours after overhaul), oil and water thermostat, Neuform three-bladed composite propeller, galaxy GRS 5/450 rocket rescue system (needs revision), Yaesu FTA-550 radio + intercom + headset + helmet, instructor handrails, position and flash lights on wing - wing sail damaged by UV - stored in greenhouse, + new original sail direct from Apollo Halley manufacturer included - not yet loaded

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Marketing: Michal Drásal
Technology and advertising: Vít Jirka