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Free Flying in Nature or the Czech Bush Pilot's Handbook - free book

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E book for pilots "Free flying in the countryside or the handbook of a Czech bush pilot" The book is free for Czech and Slovak pilots as a thank you for the fact that I can fly freely and also for the fact that we have a UL 600kg category which was enforced by the LAA, which allowed me to finally build the plane of my dreams. The book is available to download and read on the aviation-skola-vysocina website in the e-book section. It is for pilots who want and need to know more! It contains everything I also wanted to know and wanted to learn at the beginning 15 years ago, but nobody was able to give me comprehensive and valid information. I wish you an enjoyable experience reading advanced piloting techniques spiced with real aviation experiences. In the book you will learn a lot of information and see examples of more advanced piloting that you could not learn in basic training and that can help you a lot in many situations. Enjoy!

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