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For sale portable hangar for two aircraft, steel construction,

48 000 CZK

I sell a portable hangar for two aircraft internal dimensions in meters:10,2x8-12x2 . Hangar has a given span of 10,2m adjustable length from 8-12m you can freely choose, or cook the same structural parts and even extend - for more aircraft. The hangar can only be erected as a tent in an undevelopable area with the consent of the landowner! I had it this way for over 10 years and despite constant inspections from the authorities it was passable as a tent before I officially built a large one. The hangar is welded steel tubing into triangles and these are bolted together. The steel structure has planks and beams bolted or screwed to it and the tarp is nailed to those. The hangar is covered with heavy-duty tarpaulins. These are tarpaulins originally designed for waterproofing and high pressure. The tarpaulins are weldable! The hangar was built in the Highlands and can withstand 50cm of snow. In the hangar I hangar two large Yetti J-03 aircraft with a 9,8m tail span to each other. Currently the hangar is disassembled and ready for removal. The price for the hangar construction and tarpaulins is 48k. I cut the side opening doors to make them storable. There is also a steel side door for entry so you don't have to shovel snow in front of the whole door for entry in the winter. The hangar can be assembled by two people in about 1-2 days. I had the hangar secured with an internal security system with a connection to the phone. I had an outside fence around the hangar with barbed wire and another gate, but that turned out to be unnecessary. A hangar without a rack setup is not suitable for a Rogal as they are too high! The winding of the tent-hangar was done to the ground internal anchors in the hangar using pull straps from the truck, along the walls these are available. The tent stood for over 10 years in the Highlands at 635m altitude and in the open on three sides, the fourth was 25m from the forest. The construction is very durable and proven. You can of course wrap the structure with corrugated iron, or cheap trapezoidal Polish sheeting, but it will no longer be definable as a tent and will not be easy to place in undevelopable territory. More on the issue of any additional areas and building a hangar here:

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