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Hangaring at Rams Airport near Česká Lípa

Česká Lípa
1 200 CZK

Hello, I would like to offer hangaring at our airport Rams near Česká Lípa. We have a free hangar for 5-6 ultralight aircraft. Possibility to hangar short term or long term. The price of hangarage for one aircraft 1200 CZK/month. If hangarage is long-term - price upon agreement. For take-off and landing we have a 600m long runway, which is regularly maintained. There is a publicly available petrol station at the airport. There is limited access to the airfield by road. We have a long-standing dispute over the access road with the owner of the adjacent land. From the air, access to the airport is not restricted in any way! We would work out the details over the phone. Hangarage is e.g. suitable for owners of multiple aircraft who do not have space on their airfields. FLY FREE! Ondřej Fojtů - President of the Aviatik Club Rams near Česká Lípa

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