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Trabant engines in aero modification, cranks, cylinders

Vlachovo Březí
9 000 CZK

I sell trabant engines in aero modification (trimmed crankcases, modified ignition usually on KATEK, engine internals are identical to automotive). Engine in test bench tested, just need to settle into the era. Engine is complete including starter ignition, propeller sleeve and exhaust. Another engine (in pictures 4 to 6) fitted with KATEK ignition and propeller carrier. A trio of unfinished engines, all new but not finished, are missing the ignition or the propeller cap. I am able to finish any engine by appointment, I have the parts, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I also have four crankshafts for the trabant. One of them (wrapped in plastic) is a rebuild, the rest look like they've been run at some point, but they're loose and preserved. I am also selling a pair of cylinder heads after bore, preserved, four cylinder heads with M14 spark plug threads. Two cylinders after bore and pistons, preserved. I also have 2x KATEK ignitions, original trabant carburetors, exhaust and some other bits and pieces. I have about 12 more trabant cylinders stacked up in the case, all are preserved, but I'm not responsible for which pairs belong together (suitable for new cutting). Aircraft engines, Straton, Sluka, Minimax... If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me, no problem to send more detailed photos. The price can be agreed upon. I can transfer to Prague, or somewhere on the way Prachatice - Prague. The engine in the stool, including ignition, starter and crankcase (fig. 1 to 3)...9 000,- Engine with ignition and propeller starter (fig. 4 to 6)...7 000,- Three unfinished engines (figs. 7 to 10)...5 000,-/pc Crankshaft (fig. 20)...3 500,-/pc Pair of cut cylinders without pistons (figs. 11 to 13)...2 500,- Pair of cylinders with pistons (figs. 14,15)...3 500,- Cylinder heads (fig. 11, 12)...800,-/pc Box with original trabant carburettors (fig. 19)...1000,- Pistons (fig. 16)...200,-/pc Ignition switches KATEK (fig. 16)...1 000,- Cylinders suitable for grinding (no photo, I can send)...400,-/pcs

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