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Aircraft engine 140hp, build it yourself, e-book

100 EUR

This eBook will give you a detailed description of the development and manufacture of the conversion of an automotive engine to an aircraft engine. Including my know-how and many production drawings and ways to proceed. I will share with you the instructions on how to build the lightest possible modern aircraft engine, a direct injection, turbocharged four-cylinder engine, as quickly as possible, with the least amount of effort and money. In the book you will learn how to make a reducer and how to install the new engine correctly in the aircraft so that the center of gravity remains within its original limits. The 1.2TSI engine is very close to the performance of the Rotax 915iS engine. In some applications it can even catch up and surpass it especially with more torque! The higher torque together with a suitable propeller will give you unprecedented take-off, climbing and very high cruising speeds together with low fuel consumption! These are the virtues of this engine converted to aero. Most importantly, you can build it for a tenth of the price of a Rotax. There are more videos of these engines in operation on YT under DREAMTRAINER FZ, SUPERSTOL YETTI J-03. The book is in three languages, Czech, Russian and English. The book includes one license to build one engine according to this manual and production drawings.

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