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Chassis leg fittings with wheel axles and ski preparation

3 000 CZK

I am selling a wheel axle fitting with brake lugs from a Yetti J-03 aircraft, the fitting has straight wheel axles, and an inner part to which another axle can be bolted to mount skis for winter operation inside the landing gear. The aircraft can thus have both skis and wheels. This is most efficient for year round operation. The skis are about 4cm below the level of the inflated and weight-compressed tyre. Price is for one pair of stainless steel. The second pair in structural steel is 2000Kč. The inner diameter of the tube is 36mm, the wheel axle diameter is: 16.95mm, the axle length is 91 for the blue fitting and 51mm for the stainless fitting. The axle is for a bearing with an inner diameter of 17mm. Everything is functional and straight. (The camera I took this with has a fisheye so everything looks curved) It's from the plane in the video. It can be used on other planes with tubular legs.

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Yetti J-03
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Filip Zejda
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