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Allegro 2000, 2007,200 aurus and spare parts for Jora and Cora

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Spare parts for Allegro 2007, 200 and 2000 and Aurus type aircraft Knipple finished with spraying 7pcs, Semi-finished Knipple 5pcs, Stand 15-35 from mat 11523 for Allegro SW, 200 and 2000, Lift motor stand, mat 11373, Horizontal tailplane hinge, production drawing 07-06, mat:11523 for Allegro-SW, and Aurus Allegro-SW VOP hinge fabrication jig Steering lever transmission bracket, production drawing 07-08, mat 11373, thickness 2mm Steering gear hub, mat:424201-61, production drawing: 01-61 Steering gear lever Threaded throttle needle, material:17241, production drawing 01-45a Repair kits for rudder stabilizer for upper rudder hinge to be glued into stabilizer Composite main landing gear leg stirrups Servomotor controls New and complete left and right doors with cut-out for round ventilation windows. and many other parts I am selling only for the cost of the materials and work done.

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