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Fuel computer TL-2524

5 000 CZK

FUEL METER TL-2524 You can get the instantaneous consumption of your engine in litres/hour or litres/100km and the average fuel consumption - set the limit values in two levels (Warning and Alarm) for all measured values. If exceeded, the instrument will warn you in time of possible engine shutdown or damage - view the fuel level of the left, right or both tanks at any time - link your Fuel Computer to GPS to determine the fuel plan and obtain additional data - always be informed of critically low fuel pressure that could result in engine shutdown Basic functions. - download a history of fuel consumption, fuel pressure, tank contents from the fuel computer at any time using a PC - plug a light into the signal input to always alert you to exceeded limits or low fuel pressure or minimum fuel supply - connect your fuel computer to the intercom using iFamily® and get voice alerts for exceeded values, low fuel level, etc.

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