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iLevil 3 SW - GPS, AHRS and ADS-B

16 000 CZK

Buy one year used iLevil SW, a portable device combining GPS, AHRS and ADS-B to give pilots a backup solution that is compatible with iOS and Android. Built-in GPS and AHRS provides all the aircraft information you need to turn your tablet into a full glass cockpit. The ADS-B receiver allows you to display weather radar, METAR, etc. including ambient traffic information all at your fingertips and at no additional cost. The high sensitivity of ADS-B and the quality of AHRS make iLevil SW the most popular product in general aviation. Features: Built-in WAAS GPS antenna Provides aircraft position information including magnetic heading and congestion WiFi access allows up to 10 devices to connect to a single iLevil SW978 MHz ADS-receiver for receiving weather and ambient traffic information Built-in solar cell allows the battery to be recharged or extended from 5 hours to 6 hours Three-axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer are accurately calibrated for aviation use Micro-USB interface for firmware updates, data transfer and battery charging Serial interface for data transfer between iLevil software and e.g. EFIS display Dimensions 114x63x25 mm

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Levil Aviation
iLevil 3 SW
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Marketing: Michal Drásal
Technology and advertising: Vít Jirka