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Very accurate digital flight instrument. Total of 5 flight instruments in 1 device. SPEEDOMETER, ALTIMETER, VARIOMETER, STALL WARNING, OVERSPEED WARNING, COLOUR MARKING ON SPEEDOMETER, ACOUSTIC VARIOMETER - FOR THERMAL FLIGHT The device mounts in a standard 80mm hole. It is connected to the aircraft pitot-static system. The instrument can be configured in the menu to all units used in aviation. Acoustic stall and overspeed warning: an integrated buzzer warns by beeping before reaching the set VS1 and Vne. The closer to the set speed, the faster the beep - similar to parking a car. At the top, the speedometer is colour-coded with LEDs. Maximum measured speed up to 320 km/h. Power supply voltage range, 10-30V. Power consumption is less than 2W.

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